Done! Joining Semantic Web and Enterprise Architecture

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Finally the submission was approved. Raffaele Spazzoli from Imola Informatica will speak in JavaOne 2008 on Tuesday May 6, 2008 about a running project:

Enabling semantic web technologies with JBI. Here is the abstract.

Semantic web is a way to represent and manipulate informations that allows very high flexibility on the way the information are aggregated, accessed and presented. To leverage existing information base we need ways to get these information and translate them into a semantic form. There many standard ontologies broadly accepted like FOAF (for representing person data and person relationships), DOAP (for representing project data), Dublin Core (for representing document data) etc…. The act of transforming information from a proprietary format to a semantic representation is called RDF-alization. An ESB JBI can be the right integration middleware to perform this task because it can easily collect data in proprietary format from different sources and, by redefining RDF-alizers as JBI component, can feed semantic web enabled application.

For the Semantic Web guys JBI (Java Business Integration) is a Java Standard for Enterprise Service Bus pltforms supported by Sun, Apache, Oracle, JBoss etc. for Service Oriented Integration. Imola is already releasing a series of JBI components: JBI4cics, JBI4corba, JBI4esb included or certified for Sun OpenESB, Apache ServiceMix, and working in all the JBI compliant ESBs.

Follow this track: this is an important step to introduce semantic standards and technologies in the current Enterprise Architectures!